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That's Me

No, the gentleman to the left isn't me. He's the logo for my corporate alter ego, One Cavity Creations. The thumbnails below left are of yours truly.

I'm the Ron in Ron's Roost, and by autocratic proclamation the undisputed Ruler of the Roost. Besides, I wash the dishes and sweep up around here.

I grew up in South Georgia as the youngest of seven siblings and I now work for the Navy (as a civilian) at the Space and Naval Warfare System Center in beautiful historic Charleston, South Carolina.

I'm retired from the Navy, single and incredibly handsome with an unbelievable physique. (Not buying it?) Okay, I'm retired Navy and divorced with thinning hair and a coffee addiction. I must say though, compared to some of my peers, I've done a pretty good job of holding onto my follicles, but enough about the maladies of the aging process.

When I'm not working on this Web Page or some of my other computer related projects, I work with Rufus my antique truck (See his page elsewhere on this site) or explore some of Charleston's historical sites (and Charleston has lots of them).

Enough about me, go look at some of the other stuff on the Roost while I get another cup of coffee.

Birthday a couple of years agoIn Choker Whites at my last Navy Day Ball
Univ of West Florida Graduation in 2000Recent picture from work
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