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Where Am I?

If you arrived here looking for Ron's Roost, the award winning Fried Chicken Restaurant in Cincinnati, go to RonsRoost.net. According to the food critics, they serve an excellent fried chicken entree. If you decide to pay them a visit, tell the other Ron (Ron Larkin) I said hello.

I call this site Ron's Roost because the family name wasn't available as a domain name and I didn't want to use Ron's Requiem, or Ron's Realm, or the Wrath of Ron.

Want To Post Something On The Roost?


Send it to me. Pictures and text work best, but we can improvise as necessary.

My principle purpose in establishing this page is to post pictures of family events and to wish family and friends a happy birthday, anniversary, holiday, family addition, marriage, promotion, or whatever.

Everyone in the family is welcome to participate. Just send me a notice about your event(s) and I'll get it included.

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